Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Monday 062215– in CHAGRIN RIVER
Weather/Sea   sunny, little wind, 75 to  85
Captain - John C. Kwak crew Chuck Livingston
Yesterday we arrived in the Chagrin River  and got a slip in the CHAGRIN LAGOONS YACHT CLUB. They charge $1.25 per foot per day or 55.00 for DUTCHESS with no reciprocity. We are staying 2 days to try and see my Granddaughter  Mackenzie Kwak who lives in Chagrin Falls OH.

 On the trip here we had 20 knot winds but directly from where we were headed, tried sailing but with the tacking required we made very little headway to Chagrin River. So back on the motor which at 1800 rpm gave us only about 5mph. resulting in a 7.5 hr. ride into the wind and waves. DUTCHESS is a very dry boat with only a little spray on deck this is because of her Clipper bow that splits the waves. This is great but it also slows us down in choppy conditions. We encountered 3-4 ‘ waves with 5’ rollers every 5 minutes that would lift the boat and then slide into the trough and slowing us to 3mph. We are now on statute miles because the Great Lakes are in Statute miles. Again this is a nice club with all the amenities, except laundry. They are building a very fancy pool with Stainless steel sides and concrete bottom. The WIFI works on my IPAD but not on my LAPTOP so I cannot send out my blog. 
Well the wifi got fixed today by Dennis, a helpful club member and computer guru. So I just sent out this and the 20 th blog.
On the night of the 22 we had a very strong storm that poured down the rain and rocked us in the slip waking me all night long. The next morning the Chagrin River was rolling along as a muddy flow filled with trees and debris with a standing wave where it entered LAKE ERIE.. I did not dare enter the Chagrin River because it would have pinned the boat to the corner of the fuel dock. Also the floating trees were a real hazard. So we are staying until the 25. Mackenzie and family and guests are coming today Wednesday and we will go for a sail and then have dinner at the club.
Tomorrow we will go to Cleveland and the ROCK and ROLL Hall of Fame, oh yeah!

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