Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Plan for the Trip North
Trying to plan the return trip the following items come to mind.
Looking for crew to go North with me.
I need to stop in Severn River Marina in Virginia on the Chesapeake and get an engine oil leak checked out.The Engine is a Cummins B3.3 four cylinder which is marinized by Trans-Atlantic Diesel in Virginia. The leak is now about a cup per day when running, and I want Trans-Atlantic Diesel to check on it, tell me where it is from, and maybe fix the leak. That will take a few days and I will hopefully drop off and pick up crew there.
Here are the stops I made coming South but now in reverse order. The ICW is measured in Statute Miles and each stop below shows the location on the ICW in STM. Norfolk Virginia is where the miles count from at 0.0 and then to Key West.
1-Vero Beach FL                                             ( STM 951.7)
2-Titusville FL                                                 ( STM 878.1)
3-Daytona FL, Halifax Marina                      ( STM 830.7)
4-St Augustine FL                                             ( STM 778.3)
5-Fernandina Beach FL                                  ( STM 716.5)
6-Brunswick GA                                            ( STM 679.4)
7-Wahoo creek Anchorage GA                   ( STM 630.0)
8- Savannah bend Marina GA                     ( STM 582.4)
9- Ladies Island Marina  SC                           ( STM 536.0)
10- Charleston City SC                                    ( STM 469.3)
11-Minim Creek Anchorage SC                   ( STM 415.5)
12- Barefoot Foot Landing, Myrtle Beach SC ( STM 353.4)
13- Harbor Village NC                                     ( STM 267.3)
14- Surf City, Beach House Marina            ( STM 260.6)
15-Swansboro NC                                            (STM  247.0)
16- Oriental NC                                                 ( STM 181.0)
17-Belhaven NC                                              ( STM 135.7)
18 Alligator River Marina NC                        ( STM  84.0)
19 Coinjock NC                                                  ( STM  49.5)
20 Hospital Point anchorage VA                 ( STM    0.0)
21 Severn River Marina VA                          about  40 STM from 0.0
So if we run the same way it would be 20 days.
The total is 1000 statute miles to Severn from Vero. At an average of 50 miles per day that is 20 days. We might be able to shave a day or two but the weather could hold us up also. The days will be longer, so we may be able to stretch it, but then I need to find other marinas or anchorages. I will check out off shore but that depends on the weather and will involve overnight runs.

Tuesday 2/25/14 – Start 1015, Finish 1301, from Fort Pierce to Vero Beach
Weather/Sea – Sunny 70-80, calm ICW
Captain - John Kwak
Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk
Today was a short trip of 3 hours. We only had to open one bridge the Fort Pierce North Bridge located at STM 964.8 which is next to the marina.
Dutchess crossed under the two Vero Beach bridges which are the 65’ high concrete arch bridges. These are much preferred since we can sail right under them with my 56’ mast.
The Vero Beach Municipal Marine is directly north of the second bridge. In fact you get through the bridge and then immediately make a hard turn to port to go in. I called the Marina but they had no slips, so we were assigned mooring #49. I paid for 4 days  only $13.90 per  day plus tax. On March 1st I will pay for 30 days and stay here. In April I hope to have new crew to go back north.
Only 1000 miles to sail to get to the Chesapeake.  Any volunteers are welcome. I pay all boat and marina cost, you pay for food only, what a deal.
On Wednesday I brought Dan and then Paul to shore.  They had too much stuff for one trip. They were picked up by Hertz, where they rented a car to drive back to Myrtle Beach.

Monday 2/24/14 – Start 0815, Finish 1540, from Lake Worth to Fort Pierce

Weather/Sea – Sunny 70-80, calm ICW

Captain - John Kwak

Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk

We decided to stay in the ICW today because it is more direct. We raised anchor slowly at 0815. Slowly because the black muck has to be carefully washed off or it winds up in the chain locker and stinks.

We again had to open a few bridges but not as many as yesterday.

The bridges are;                                                               ICW   STM            Time of crossing

PGA Blvd Bridge                                               STM 1012.6         0835

Donsald Ross Bridge                                       STM 1009.4         0900

Indiantown Road Bridge                                STM 1006.2         0934

Jupiter Federal Bridge                                    STM 1004.8         0950

Jupiter 707 Bridge                                            STM 1004.1         0956

Hobe Sound Bridge                                         STM 995.9           1108

Indian River Bridge, new 65’                        STM 984.9           1239

Indian River 707A Bridge, new 65’             STM 981.0           1306

Fort Pierce South Bridge, new 65’             STM 966               1520

Docked in Harbortown Marina at 1540 same slip as  on 2/14/14.  We all had Prime rib in the Harbor Cove Restaurant which is 100’ from the boat slip. Two beers and later 2 rum and cokes and I was ready for bed. My crew stayed at the bar, they are a lot younger.  I was worried because they had to walk on a 24” plank to get in the boat. They made it in all right, but a little hung-over the next morning.

Sunday 2/23/14 – Start 0800, Finish 1730, from Fort Lauderdale to Lake Worth
Weather/Sea – Partly cloudy 70-80, calm,  ICW
Captain - John Kwak
Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk
We decided to do the ICW today because it is more direct and we were tired of the ocean bounce. Dropped the mooring at 0800 and waited for Las Olas Blvd bridge to open at 0815.We went thru 21 bridges today which really slows the progress. If you catch them right it is good, if you are 1 minute late then you can wait for 30 minutes.
The bridges are;                                                               ICW   STM            Time of crossing
Las Olas Blvd Bridge                                        STM 1064.0         0815
Sunrise Blvd Bridge                                         STM 1062.6         0832
Oakland Park Beach Blvd. Bridge               STM 1060.5         0849
Commercial Blvd Bridge                               STM 1059             0903
Atlantic Blvd. Bridge                                        STM 1056             0933
Northeast 14th Str. Bridge                             STM 1055             0946
Hillsboro Blvd Bridge                                       STM 1050             1034
East Camino Real Bridge                                STM 1048.2         1102
Palmetto Park Bridge                                     STM 1047.5         1134
Spanish River Blvd Bridge                             STM 1044.9         1200
Linton Blvd. Bridge                                          STM 1041.0         1230
Atlantic Ave Bridge                                          STM 1039.6         1248
George Bush Blvd N.E. 8th St. Bridge        STM 1038.7         1256
Woolbright Road Bridge                                STM 1035.8         1320
Ocean Ave Bridge                                            STM 1035.0         1332
Lantana Ave Bridge                                         STM 1031.0         1400
Lake Worth, Lake Ave. Bridge                     STM 1028.8         1420
Southern Blvd. Bridge                                    STM 1024.7         1518
Royal Park Bridge                                             STM1022.6          1533
Flagler Memorial Bridge                                STM 1021.9         1618
Parker Bridge                                                     STM 1013.7         1730
Anchored in an inlet and cove directly passed Parker Bridge. This is the same anchorage used on 2/15/14.This is now known as the KWAK Anchorage.
Because of the slow trip, I did the cooking for a change. I made Split Pea Soup with one bag soaked split peas, smoked pork chunks and a Kielbasa, 2 onions, 1 bunch celery, 1 potato, small carrots, and 1 large shallot. To thicken the soup a little, I added my secret ingredient, a hand full of oatmeal. It was so good that I ate 3 plates, too much! We had lots leftover for lunch ETC. This is a very quiet anchorage and with the Bulwagga, good holding.

Friday 2/21/14 – Start 0800, Finish 1250, from Miami Stadium to Fort Lauderdale
Weather/Sea – Partly cloudy 75, SE wind 5to10 knots,  seas 2-4-5’
Captain - John Kwak
Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk
We raised the anchor with difficulty, it was again really sucked into the white cement like shell bottom and came up with lots of white mud. The chain was clean however and we only had to rinse off the salt as it came up. By dragging the anchor in the water as we left all the white muck washed off.
We tried to sail out of the Main Channel but were stopped by security and had to turn around and back into Dodge Island Cut, Lummus Island Cut and out of Government Cut into the Atlantic. The Inlet was very rough. Outside in the Atlantic, the wind and waves were on the starboard stern quarter with a very confusing wave pattern. The boat rolled diagonally and diving into troughs, a very sickening motion. We only unfurled the Jib sail but with the light wind and the rough motion it slatted back and forth. We could not keep wind in the sail. We finally furled the sail and proceeded at 6 knots on the engine.
About 4 miles from Fort Lauderdale Inlet, I tried to stay parallel to the waves which lessened the weird motion but brought the boat further off shore. Then about 2 miles from the Inlet I turned into the waves at about a 45 degree angle and that got us to the Inlet. Again a bumpy ride in the Inlet but that is now expected.
We got to the 17th Street Bridge just at opening time and followed a Catamaran thru. Called Las Olas Marina and again picked up a mooring for 2 days. They Charge $93.00 for the 2 day mooring.
We showered, after 3 sweaty days it was necessary!   Then we walked to the beach and had dinner at Bubba Gump’s, their specialty is shrimp, of course.
On Saturday, after a lazy morning and a good breakfast we went ashore with the dinghy which you can leave at the marina. We walked Las Olas Blvd. all the way to Cooley’s Landing Marina where I had stayed in 2013 only 4 miles. Then we had a late lunch in Briny Pub Riverside on the New River. The New River winds its way thru Fort Lauderdale with lots of boat traffic. We walked the 4 miles back but about a mile from the Marina I got a cramp in my right leg so we flagged down a bus for the last mile. I stayed in the boat that evening while Dan and Paul walked to the beach.

Wednesday 2/19/14 – Start 0915, Finish 1536, from Miami Stadium to No Name Harbor
Thursday 2/20/14 –Start 0955, Finish 1630, from No Name Harbor to Miami Stadium
Weather/Sea – sunny 75, W wind 5-10, sea 1-2’-
Captain - John Kwak
Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk
We raised the anchor with difficulty, it was really sucked into the white cement like shell bottom and came up with lots of white mud. The chain was clean however and we only had to rinse off the salt as it came up. The chain goes around the windlass and down a PVC pipe into the chain locker.  The chain has a tendency to pile in a pyramid shape and block the PVC pipe. So a crew member has to lay in the Vee berth  with one arm thru a 6x6 hole and move the chain away from the pipe. Someday I will fix that.
We went under Bay Bridge on the Rickenbacker Causeway and entered Biscayne Bay. Dan Martin had done his sail training course here so he was familiar with the area and even had large paper charts.
We planned to spend the day sailing on different points of sail and that is what we did. We sailed on jib and main, close hauled and beam reach, tacking numerous times, and jibing down wind. We hove to and set the stay sail on the Cutter stay and rolled up the jib and sailed on stay sail and main. All good practice but in light winds it was no challenge.
We entered No Name Harbor a concrete walled cove in Key Biscany Park with room for 20  boats.
We anchored in the cove  and dinghied to the wall to pay the $20.00 fee. Put the money in an envelope and drop in box, on the honor system. I saw no one else pay! We walked to restaurant to check it out and came back later for dinner.
The next morning, hoisted anchor and went to the free pump out on the concrete wall. Then we went  out into Biscayne Bay to continue sailing practice. The wind picked up 10 to 15 knots with some gusts.
Dutchess sailed South at 5 to 7 knots with full Main and Jib all morning nice and steady. We constantly tuned the sails to get them to draw better and go faster. They are very old sails and need to be replaced but not yet.  We hove to with the jib backed and rudder over and had lunch, Dutchess layed as a duck on water. On the way back North we put the first reef in the main and sailed with full jib doing 5 to 6 knots.
We sailed to the Bay Bridge dropped sails and motored back into the Miami Stadium Anchorage and anchored for the night. No charges here!

Tuesday 2/18/14 – Start 0855, Finish 1435, From Fort Lauderdale FL. to Port of Miami
Weather/Sea – sunny 75, NE wind, sea 1-2’-
Captain - John Kwak
Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk
We dropped the mooring and motored into the New River Sound to Port Everglades and then out of Port Everglades Inlet and into the Atlantic Ocean.  Fort Lauderdale must be the harbor for Super yachts. We saw hundreds of multi-million dollar yachts and multi-million dollar houses. This is the playground of the rich and famous. I and my little boat can play along and make believe.
I have to go in the ocean, around Miami because there is one low bridge of 56’ on the ICW named the Julia Tuttle Bridge.
We had a nice steady sail and stayed about 2 miles off shore. Because of light winds, we kept the motor running to maintain 6 knots. We entered Port of Miami “Government Cut” at around 1400. The inlet was very rough with the tide running and wakes from power boats that cut in front of us. We angled south into Lummus Island Cut and then Dodge Island Cut to the ICW, which we took south to Bay Bridge where we made a sharp turn to port to get to Miami Stadium Anchorage. We anchored for the night and had a splendid view of the Miami skyline.

Sunday 2/16/14 – Start 0740, Finish 1558, From Lake Worth FL. to Fort Lauderdale FL.

Weather/Sea – sunny, NE wind, sea 1-2’-

Captain - John Kwak

Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk

We left early went thru the Parker Bridge into Lake Worth around Peanut Island and into the Port of Palm Beach, then out the Lake Worth Inlet and into the Atlantic Ocean.

On the Atlantic heading south, we had wind from 5 to 10 knots out of the North East So we raised sails and kept the motor running to maintain about 6 knots. We had a nice steady sail thru small waves, very comfortable. After a six hour sail on the Atlantic we entered Port Everglades Inlet to get to Fort Lauderdale. The Inlet was very turbulent with the tide and traffic. I called Las Olas Municipal Marina of Fort Lauderdale for a slip and was told that they were full, but we could take a mooring. We wound up on the same mooring that Bob and Ann Sherer were on when we found them there in 2013. Cruising is a small world. You keep running into the same people as you go South or North.

The next day, Monday, we took the dinghy to the marina and had showers. Then back to the boat to get laundry then to the marina and I did laundry while Dan and Paul walked to the grocery store. Back to the boat to put things away and then back in the dinghy to the Marina. Then we walked Las Olas Blvd to the Beach to look at the beach goers, lots of bikinis. We had dinner in Hooters overlooking the beach; of course we also looked at the waitresses. We got back to the boat at dusk.

Saturday 2/15/14 – Start 0725, Finish 1445, From Fort Pierce Fl. to Lake Worth FL.

Weather/Sea – South wind, sunny

Captain - John Kwak

Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk


We left Harbortown Marina and entered the Indian River heading south. The wind appeared favorable for a close reach so we rolled out the jib and motor sailed until the Hobe Sound Bridge. Then we motored the rest of the way since the wind was right on the bow.

We had to ask 6 bascule bridges to open for us because our 56’ mast does not fit under them. All the new fixed bridges are built with 65’ clearance which allows us to sail right thru.

We went from statute mile 965 to our anchorage at STM 1014, or 59 miles in 7 hr. 20min. The ICW is marked out on sign boards and on the charts in statute miles.

The anchorage is the same one that was shown to me last year by my Cousin Hans Kwak. He and his wife Thea saw us from shore, as we passed them on the ICW. They chased us down in their dinghy and invited us to join them in their anchorage.  A chance in a million!! This is a secluded anchorage, a cove surrounded by private homes very quiet.  I would have never tried it on my own because the charts show 6’ depth and we draw 6.5’, actually we never saw less than 10’.

The last time I anchored here with a 35 pound CQR. I knew the bottom was black mud so I tried the 40 pound Danforth twice. Each time it dragged. Then we set the 44 pound Bulwagga which held fine. So under the black muck it must have a hard layer that the more aggressive Bulwagga Anchor could bite into better than the Danforth. Don’t try to find a Bulwagga Anchor the company is out of business, to bad since they were made in NYS and highly rated by Practical Sailor Magazine. As we raised anchor the black came up on the chain and was washed off. This required stopping at every 5’ of chain, a slow processes. We left the anchor hanging in the water as we motored out of the cove, which washed the black muck off nicely, then we stowed it.