Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Plan for the Trip North
Trying to plan the return trip the following items come to mind.
Looking for crew to go North with me.
I need to stop in Severn River Marina in Virginia on the Chesapeake and get an engine oil leak checked out.The Engine is a Cummins B3.3 four cylinder which is marinized by Trans-Atlantic Diesel in Virginia. The leak is now about a cup per day when running, and I want Trans-Atlantic Diesel to check on it, tell me where it is from, and maybe fix the leak. That will take a few days and I will hopefully drop off and pick up crew there.
Here are the stops I made coming South but now in reverse order. The ICW is measured in Statute Miles and each stop below shows the location on the ICW in STM. Norfolk Virginia is where the miles count from at 0.0 and then to Key West.
1-Vero Beach FL                                             ( STM 951.7)
2-Titusville FL                                                 ( STM 878.1)
3-Daytona FL, Halifax Marina                      ( STM 830.7)
4-St Augustine FL                                             ( STM 778.3)
5-Fernandina Beach FL                                  ( STM 716.5)
6-Brunswick GA                                            ( STM 679.4)
7-Wahoo creek Anchorage GA                   ( STM 630.0)
8- Savannah bend Marina GA                     ( STM 582.4)
9- Ladies Island Marina  SC                           ( STM 536.0)
10- Charleston City SC                                    ( STM 469.3)
11-Minim Creek Anchorage SC                   ( STM 415.5)
12- Barefoot Foot Landing, Myrtle Beach SC ( STM 353.4)
13- Harbor Village NC                                     ( STM 267.3)
14- Surf City, Beach House Marina            ( STM 260.6)
15-Swansboro NC                                            (STM  247.0)
16- Oriental NC                                                 ( STM 181.0)
17-Belhaven NC                                              ( STM 135.7)
18 Alligator River Marina NC                        ( STM  84.0)
19 Coinjock NC                                                  ( STM  49.5)
20 Hospital Point anchorage VA                 ( STM    0.0)
21 Severn River Marina VA                          about  40 STM from 0.0
So if we run the same way it would be 20 days.
The total is 1000 statute miles to Severn from Vero. At an average of 50 miles per day that is 20 days. We might be able to shave a day or two but the weather could hold us up also. The days will be longer, so we may be able to stretch it, but then I need to find other marinas or anchorages. I will check out off shore but that depends on the weather and will involve overnight runs.

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