Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunday 2/23/14 – Start 0800, Finish 1730, from Fort Lauderdale to Lake Worth
Weather/Sea – Partly cloudy 70-80, calm,  ICW
Captain - John Kwak
Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk
We decided to do the ICW today because it is more direct and we were tired of the ocean bounce. Dropped the mooring at 0800 and waited for Las Olas Blvd bridge to open at 0815.We went thru 21 bridges today which really slows the progress. If you catch them right it is good, if you are 1 minute late then you can wait for 30 minutes.
The bridges are;                                                               ICW   STM            Time of crossing
Las Olas Blvd Bridge                                        STM 1064.0         0815
Sunrise Blvd Bridge                                         STM 1062.6         0832
Oakland Park Beach Blvd. Bridge               STM 1060.5         0849
Commercial Blvd Bridge                               STM 1059             0903
Atlantic Blvd. Bridge                                        STM 1056             0933
Northeast 14th Str. Bridge                             STM 1055             0946
Hillsboro Blvd Bridge                                       STM 1050             1034
East Camino Real Bridge                                STM 1048.2         1102
Palmetto Park Bridge                                     STM 1047.5         1134
Spanish River Blvd Bridge                             STM 1044.9         1200
Linton Blvd. Bridge                                          STM 1041.0         1230
Atlantic Ave Bridge                                          STM 1039.6         1248
George Bush Blvd N.E. 8th St. Bridge        STM 1038.7         1256
Woolbright Road Bridge                                STM 1035.8         1320
Ocean Ave Bridge                                            STM 1035.0         1332
Lantana Ave Bridge                                         STM 1031.0         1400
Lake Worth, Lake Ave. Bridge                     STM 1028.8         1420
Southern Blvd. Bridge                                    STM 1024.7         1518
Royal Park Bridge                                             STM1022.6          1533
Flagler Memorial Bridge                                STM 1021.9         1618
Parker Bridge                                                     STM 1013.7         1730
Anchored in an inlet and cove directly passed Parker Bridge. This is the same anchorage used on 2/15/14.This is now known as the KWAK Anchorage.
Because of the slow trip, I did the cooking for a change. I made Split Pea Soup with one bag soaked split peas, smoked pork chunks and a Kielbasa, 2 onions, 1 bunch celery, 1 potato, small carrots, and 1 large shallot. To thicken the soup a little, I added my secret ingredient, a hand full of oatmeal. It was so good that I ate 3 plates, too much! We had lots leftover for lunch ETC. This is a very quiet anchorage and with the Bulwagga, good holding.

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