Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tuesday 2/25/14 – Start 1015, Finish 1301, from Fort Pierce to Vero Beach
Weather/Sea – Sunny 70-80, calm ICW
Captain - John Kwak
Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk
Today was a short trip of 3 hours. We only had to open one bridge the Fort Pierce North Bridge located at STM 964.8 which is next to the marina.
Dutchess crossed under the two Vero Beach bridges which are the 65’ high concrete arch bridges. These are much preferred since we can sail right under them with my 56’ mast.
The Vero Beach Municipal Marine is directly north of the second bridge. In fact you get through the bridge and then immediately make a hard turn to port to go in. I called the Marina but they had no slips, so we were assigned mooring #49. I paid for 4 days  only $13.90 per  day plus tax. On March 1st I will pay for 30 days and stay here. In April I hope to have new crew to go back north.
Only 1000 miles to sail to get to the Chesapeake.  Any volunteers are welcome. I pay all boat and marina cost, you pay for food only, what a deal.
On Wednesday I brought Dan and then Paul to shore.  They had too much stuff for one trip. They were picked up by Hertz, where they rented a car to drive back to Myrtle Beach.

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