Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday 12/20/15– in Pensacola Florida
Weather/Sea   Sunny, Windy, temp 40 to 65
   Captain - John C. Kwak crew Cécile Delannes
Well now, you have not heard from me because I am still in Pensacola.  Since Nov 18 until yesterday I was here alone. I have toured most of downtown Pensacola on my bicycle and you really learn a city if you tour it on a bike. I went for a 5 mile ride to the hospital to have my heart checked, my pacemaker was fine. I do all my shopping on the bike, there is a milk crate mounted on the stern carrier which can carry two shopping bags or a propane cylinder. I sent an email to the Mid-Hudson Power Squadron copied below;
Hello Mid-Hudson PS
I am in Pensacola waiting for crew to go to Destin, Panama City, Apalagicola, and Carabella . Then an overnight trip too Coral Springs. If any one is interested in sailing offshore, contact me at It looks like I will have Xmas here not a white Xmas of course! Unless I find volunteers to go sooner I will stay here. My crew will be back in early January and we will proceed then. I had Thanksgiving with my sister Tonia near Tampa after an 8 hr ride. I rented a car for 6 days and got back today.
The above, was sent by Susan Ryan to Cecile Delannes who is a member of the Greenwich Power Squadron, who emailed me that she was interested. After a few emails and exchange of references she arrived last night at 2100 at Pensacola Airport where I met her with a French Flag. Oh, she is French and has a beautiful accent. She has cooked dinner and it is now time to eat so more later!!!!!!

It was delicious, Italian mild sausage with fennel that we bought today and salad. I don’t know fennel from fromage but Cecile says it is fennel. I think I am being spoiled. So far we agree on almost everything, religion, science, politics, but don’t get any ideas she is 30 years younger than me. That would be my daughter’s age if my sons had an older sister. We plan to head East when the weather lets us. In January Charles Stewart will join us and in February Paul Berthe will also join us. Paul is the French Canadian who traveled the Erie Canal with me. He and Cecile can converse in French. Then Ross Pollard is also planning to join us in February for 2 weeks that will make a full crew. Cecile says she will cook for that crowd. She is a trained foody person, and used to be the French Cheese Ambassador. Since Cecile has the Vee berth to herself, I will have to share the stern cabin with one of these gentlemen. I am still planning to go to Cuba from Key West if all the legalities can be overcome.

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