Saturday, November 2, 2013

On Nov 1, 2013 4:11 PM, "John Kwak" <> wrote:
Hello all,
Dutchess and  crew are proceeding south to warmer climes.
We traveled down the Hudson from PYC, anchored in Haverstraw bay at Groton point,
anchored in Sandy Hook NJ, sailed along the New Jersey coast to Atlantic City and anchored in the dark,
and then to Cape May where we stayed 2 days in Utsch’s Marina.
Then we waited for low tide and braved the Cape May Canal with no problem
and went all the way to Chesapeake City an 11 hour trip to long never again we say.
We entered the C&D Canal at 6pm and went in the dark to Chesapeake City a 2 hr ride.
Anchoring in the dark I short scoped and dragged anchor at 3am re-anchored to no avail and ran aground trying to leave the little harbor.
We waited 3hrs for higher tide to free the boat and then had an over temp alarm I thought, shut the engine off, anchored on the edge of the C&D Canal and waited for daylight. After much analyses I finally realized that the alarm was from the VHF radio about the coming storm not the engine.
I had checked the exhaust tubes and they were cold but tired and at 4am I did not think too clearly.
At daylight and high tide we pulled anchor and took a dock at the Chesapeake Inn Marina for $99.00 for the day.
As old as I am I can still learn a few things.
Tomorrow we proceed to Annapolis.

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