Thursday, February 6, 2014

2/2/14 – Start 1030, Finish 1930, From Brunswick Ga., To Fernandina Beach Fl.

2/2/14 – Start 1030, Finish 1930, From Brunswick Ga., To Fernandina Beach Fl.

Weather/Sea – No Wind, Heavy Fog

Captain - John Kwak

Crew – Dan Martin, Paul Kirk

Left dock at 1030 in light fog. Fog got heavier as we headed out. Ok on Radar and GPS to just before bridge. GPS malfunctioned and John relayed compass bearings to Dan from Garmin below deck to get back to Brunswick Landing Marina as fog had increased to 50 foot visibility. Checked cable connection to external  GPS  antenna and reconnected wire splice to fix the problem.  Headed back out after fog lifted at 1230. The plan was to go off shore for a quick trip south to Fernandina Beach. However, as we got close to the Atlantic the fog was too thick and had to turn around for an ICW Passage. Entered  ICW at 1400, low tide at 1546. Jekyll Creek very shallow with 7’ at times but was able to make it thru with no issues. Made it thru to Jekyll Sound but again got fogged in which required GPS and radar to make sharp right turn into Andrew Sound. No visibility until about 1 mile up the Cumberland River at which time the fog lifted. Fogged in again by Crooked  River, which required navigation by GPS and radar. Sunset   before the Navy Degaussing Range. Deep water in Cumberland Sound and lighted buoys were much appreciated in current conditions. Dan was stationed at the bow relaying where green and red buoys were located to Paul and Paul relayed location to John in order to navigate.  Turned into Amelia River as  fog cleared a little but still had to navigate thru fog to find Fernandina Marina and docked for two nights. All of the crew  had a much needed cocktail and then went to a sports bar to watch Seattle win the super bowl.

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