Thursday, February 13, 2014

2/10/14 – To Kennedy Space Center

2/10/14 – To Kennedy Space Center

Weather, sunny, nice warm.

On 2/10/14 Monday we went to the Kennedy Space Center to see the rockets and especially the Shuttle Atlantis. Very interesting and well worth the $50.00 entry fee.

You take a bus ride around the launch pads and Vehicle Assembly Building. Then they drop you at the Apollo Rocket display building where you can spend as much time as needed.

Then back in the bus to the Center to see the Shuttle Atlantis and ride in the simulated launch vehicle.

We saw the two, 3D IMAX movies, one about the International Space Station and the other about the Hubble Space Telescope, with all the images from galactic space, very impressive. Will go again on the way back north.

We dropped of the rental car(U-save did a very good job and was very friendly) in Titusville and had the rental car guy drop us off at Kelsey’s Pizza Parlor and enjoyed very good Pizza, then called for a Taxi to take us back to the Titusville Marina.

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