Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sunday 071915– in PRESQUE ISLE, Michigan
Weather/Sea   Sunny, little wind, 65 to  75
Captain - John C. Kwak crew Chuck Livingston
DUTCHESS and crew are in Presque Isle MI in the State Marina another one of the harbors of refuge.  We are now in the upper part of Lake Huron Latitude 45-17.8 Longitude 83-25.1 This is a very rural area with no town and almost no stores.  There is a restaurant which we will use shortly. Staying here 2 days and they charge $60.00 per day.  Could be cheaper but the State of Michigan needs the money, maybe to bail out Detroit. This is another bike riding venue because that is all there IS.   On the way here we had a nice sail for 4 hours and then the wind turned on the nose, we tried tacking into 22 knot winds but made little progress, so the rest of the trip was on the engine. Only turned on the spot ¾ of the way here sorry!
On the 20th we went biking to the two Lighthouses on Presque Isle one old and one new but still old. I climbed to the top of the new tower 135 steps and the old maybe 60 steps. The new tower is still operational.

Here are the New and old light houses and old sailor in old doorway. The old one has pie shaped cut stone steps cantilevered out from the wall and set in a spiral, a nice piece of work for the early 1800.  That is for all you engineers.

Still feeling good after lunch we went hiking thru the woods on a trail for about 2 miles.

Let’s see, we came here from Harrisville Municipal Marina where we spent 2 days the 17 and 18. As it happened there was a wine and food festival near the marina, so of course we checked it out on Saturday and spent the whole afternoon there. We met some nice ladies there and with the wine helping we had a wonderful conversation. They were too young 60 for me but about right for Chuck ha ha. For $10.00 entrée fee you get two small glasses of wine and for $2 you can buy more wine tickets. I bought 5 more and gave one away to a daughter of the one of the ladies and drank the rest. This Marina charged $53.00 for the day, so it varies a little from place to place.

It is good that I am writing this all down for you because it really helps me to remember all the stops. They all start to run together. I also keep a running log book of each day which is the source for the details in the blog. To date I have spent only $277.00 for diesel and a total of 104.8 gallons not including the fill up at PYC of 89 gallons. On average we are burning ¾ gallon per hour. So a sail boat is an economical vessel to travel the LOOP, even if you do not sail.

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