Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sunday 072515– in Cheboygan, Michigan
Weather/Sea   Sunny &Cloudy, little wind, 65 to  75
Captain - John C. Kwak crew Chuck Livingston
We arrived in Cheboygan County Marina on Thursday 07/22/15 from Roger  City Marina a nice calm trip of 25 miles, no wind and no sailing. This Marina charges $58.00 per day times the three days that we will be here. It is on the Cheboygan River which with locks reaches into the center of Michigan State. The Locks are small and the bridges are low so no sail boats. Bought diesel here, all of 34 gallons at $2.699 per, the best price yet. Diesel is now cheaper than Gasoline even on the street, what happened?

                   Very small Lock.
Summer is getting to the North Country the days are sunny and get warm in the afternoon.
Yesterday I reinstalled the engine hatch sound proofing which had fallen down. I used the 3M contact cement again but this time screwed some slats over the foam to hold it in place. This foam is heavy because it has a layer of lead in it to absorb the noise. The engine is loud especially at higher RPM. We usually run at 1800 rpm which gives us about 6.5 mph and wear ear plugs. One negative effect of the hardtop is that the sound reverberates in the cockpit and seems louder.

Changing crew today, Chucks’ friend Ross will take his place for a week. Chuck is going back to Kalamazoo MI to take care of business; he’ll be back in a week. From here we will go up the          ST Mary’s River to Lake Superior. Planning to stop in De Tour Village Marine and Sault St Mary Marina then we go thru the Sault St Mary Locks with the huge lake freighters to White Fish Bay. The locks will be the largest that I have been thru. There are the American locks “POE LOCK” is 110’ wide by 1200’ long and “MC ARTHUR LOCK” is 80’ wide by 800’ long and they are the main operational locks. There are 2 more that are closed and then there are 2 Canadian locks which may be open or not. Only planning to do a few stops in Lake Superior because of time and then go back thru the Locks and into Lake Michigan.

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