Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friday 081415B– in Harbor Springs, Michigan
Weather/Sea   Sunny, wind 0to5, temp 65 to 80
Captain - John C. Kwak crew Chuck Livingston
I skipped this section because of my concern with the engine. To bring you up to date here are the 2 trips it took to get to Harbor Springs.
The sail from De Tour Village Marina to Mackinaw City Marina was an uneventful 40 nm motor trip that took 7 hours. We passed out of the St. Mary’s River  through Detour Passage and into Lake Huron. Traveled along the shores of the upper peninsula or UP as they call it up here. We passed Boise Blanc Island and then between Mackinac Island and Round Island. Almost round trip since Sept. 27 when we visited Mackinac Island. Incidentally that is pronounced like the City is spelled “Mackinaw”. The area is full of French names since they were here first.
Mackinaw City is at the north end of the Lower Michigan peninsula and one end of the Mackinaw Bridge. When it was built the Mackinaw Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world it is now the third but still the longest in the Americas. Because it straddles the stormy Strait of Mackinaw it has to be closed periodically due to high winds. A few years ago a small car like a  Hugo was blown off the bridge and the driver died. If you are concerned about crossing, the State police will team you with a truck and you cross the bridge riding in its wind shadow. We sailors know all about that. We walked around the City and found it another tourist destination with tee shirt shops and eating places.

We left the next day for Harbor Springs Thru the Strait and under the Bridge a run of 50 nm that took 8 hrs. The weather was cooperating in the Strait and we sailed a little with the jib, but when we turned south the wind died and we motored the rest of the way. We arrived at my slip in Walstrom Marina at 1727. The first thing I need after a long run is a nap which I usually manage to get.

Today my  crew Chuck Livingston informed me that he is leaving the ship when we get to Chicago.
Therefore I am looking for crew to help get DUTCHESS to Alabama.
I hope to do that in 60 days, but we can do it in stages if people want to break the trip up.
This would be a river and canal trip with lots of locks so I need an extra hand to hold ropes in the locks.
Please check with your friends and neighbors if anyone is interested in joining me, you will have to give me some references if you are unknown to me..
This trip starts in Chicago from Growley Marina where I remove the mast and boom and ship it by truck to Alabama.
Growley is on the Calumet River which takes us to the Illinois River and the Mississippi.
We go down the Mississippi to the Ohio River which we take upstream to the Tennessee River which we take to the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway.

The waterway takes us to the Tombigbee River and on to Mobile Bay Alabama. In a marina in Mobile Bay I will step the mast and finally go sailing again

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  1. John: Hello, I've been following your line occasionally and your sailing adventure sounds absolutely marvelous.