Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday 082915– in Muskegon, Michigan

Weather/Sea   Rainy,Cloudy, wind 5to10, temp 55 to 70

   Captain - John C. Kwak crew Chuck Livingston

We are in Muskegon in Harbour Towne Marina for 2 days, the charge here is $1.25/ft so only $110 for 2 days. The marina is full so they assigned us a tee dock at the end of C Dock. The docks are all concrete with vertical 6x6 wood posts every 8 feet. This makes for easy docking since I just lay the rubrail against the posts and slide in. Saturday is a rainy dreary day and neither of us feels like doing anything. This place is very isolated from town, but luckily a friend of Chuck’s was in town and she drove us around and we went to lunch together. I had Barbecue pulled pork and a bowl of Chili not bad.

 We came here from Ludington MI a long 9 hour ride into the wind. We sailed on the main only for about half way and then the wind was dead on the nose and we dropped the main. With the full batten main we get some help from the wind, if it is over 25 degrees from the bow but less than that the main starts to flog.

Tomorrow we go to Holland MI where I hope to find some Dutch speakers, probably not. Maybe they have a Dutch conversation class at the Library, who knows. That will be a short trip of 30 nautical miles which should take about 5 hrs. I plan to stay there 3 or 4 days to find my Dutch roots, wish me luck.

The engine repair is working, no oil leaks, also the Tranny seems to be holding its oil. I check it every day and all seems well for now.

Still looking for crew to go down the Rivers from Chicago.

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