Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hello from DUTCHESS to all followers,
Dutchess is now in Newark NY at mile 226.67 on the Erie Canal. The miles start in Waterford NY and end in  Tonawanda at mile 338.74 so 112 miles to go.
We won't stop in Tonawanda but will head up the Niagara River to  a marina to step the mast.
Don't go down the Niagara River because then you find the Niagara Falls!!!!
Only did a 6 mile run today from Lyons to here. Stayed one day in Lyons to rest up.
The day before we had done a 48 mile run from Baldwinsville to Lyons it took almost 9 hours and we only locked thru locks # 25, 26. Today we did locks 27, 28A, 28B only 7 locks to go.
Had a strange noise from the engine room only in idle forward. Checked it out today and found all 4 coupling bolts loose, tightened them and all is well. Need to retorque them at the Marina though.
They had not been touched since DUTCHESS was launched in 2012. They were checked but always tight. Check check and double check all systems, that is boating.

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