Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday 053015– in Spencerport NY
Weather/Sea – light breeze warm
Captain - John Kwak
Crew – Paul Berthe
We traveled yesterday from Newark NY mile 226.67 to Fairport NY 246.58 or 20 miles and today to Spencerport mile 269.93 or 23 miles. All the mileage info comes from Skipper Bob books “ Cruising the NEW YORK CANAL System” highly recommended  for cruising anywhere. I bought separate books for each of the Great Lakes. From Newark to Spencerport we locked thru locks 29, 30, 32, 33 and went under one lift bridge. Newark free dock with nice bathroom and shower, Fairport $11.00 never found the bathroom but free pump out, Spencerport free dock with nice bathroom and shower.
The boat travels at about 5 knots in the canal or around 6mph the bikers on the path next to the canal go faster. We wave at all the joggers, walkers and bikers. At every stop we entertain a number of lookers they seem to find the boat interesting as well as our cruise.
I have also activated SPOT which is a satellite GPS locater device which sends my location to a server for you to access. I paid for a 2 year membership so that should last the Great Circle Cruise I hope! When I remember to turn spot on it leaves a trail of where I have gone.
I went for a nice bike ride yesterday and today went shopping on the bike. I bought an old milk crate at a junk store and lashed it to the baggage carrier. The bike riding is better  for my body  than walking for some reason. Paul Berthe my Canadian crewman is into long hikes.
I called the First Buffalo River Marina to schedule stepping my mast but they said it was to large for them. So am looking for a marina that can handle my heavy 56.6’ mast, that is boating!!!!
Captain John 

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