Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Testing sails for Dutchess - 007 at Severn Yacht Center in Hayes, VA prior to leaving on the trip to Canada.

We left Solomon on April 16  and enjoyed warm temps and calm seas as we traveled to Annapolis,MD.  The first night we attached to a mooring buoy - the dogs could not be coaxed to do their business on a rug placed on the stern deck for that purpose.  On the morning of April 17 we moved to a bulkhead in "Ego Alley." The dogs were quite happy to disembark!  One of our neighbors in Ego Alley was a 300-ft yacht on its way to the Mediterranean for the summer.
We enjoyed walking around and exploring Annapolis. The facilities were close-by and were fair to middling, but shops and restaurants were steps away. Cost for the buoy was $35 and the docking fee was $2.25/ft x 44 + electric = $109.
April 18 saw a relatively short (6 1/4 hrs) trip further up the Chesapeake in calm waters to Bohemia Yacht Harbor near Chesapeake City,Maryland.  It is a large marina with good facilities.We can even watch MSNBC! Cost is $1/ft+$5 electric and $5 pump out = $54. We had pizza delivered to the boat for dinner -- a real luxury! We plan to move on to Delaware City in the morning.

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