Saturday, April 15, 2017

We traveled from Hayes, VA to Tangier Island, VA on 4/12/17. Waters were calm and no wind so we were on the engine all the way.  We arrived at Parks Marina around 4 pm.  Parks is a very basic marina with no amenities other than restrooms which were not yet open for the season. (The cost reflects the lack of extras)  $30/day + $5 electric x 2 days = $70.

We had dinner at the only restaurant that was open - Lorraine's - and while there found ourselves in the midst of a birthday celebration for the pastor's wife with about 30 island residents. The people were very welcoming and even invited us to share in the cake and ice cream. As the residents were leaving, most stopped by the table to say hello, talk awhile, and even give hugs!
We did some extensive walking on the island and John also rode his bike.
 There are now about 700 residents (and perhaps as many cats!)

We left Tangier on 4/14/17. The main activity during the trip was avoiding crab pots. We saw several container ships on the way. We arrived at Solomon's Island, Maryland in mid-afternoon at Zahniser's Yacht Center. This is a lovely facility with many clean and well-maintained amenities. The cost reflects the upscale nature of the marina. $1.50/ft x 44 ft x 2 days + $6 for electric = $144 for two nights. They even offer a free ride to the local grocery store to stock up. There is also a boardwalk nearby.
John and Juli had dinner at the Dry Dock Restaurant on-site on 4/15/17.
Leaving for Annapolis in the morning!

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