Sunday, April 23, 2017

We left for Delaware City on April 19. We entered the Chesapeake/Delaware Canal at 1140 hrs. Cloudy, light wind and chilly – no sailing on the canal. Turned up the Delaware River to go to Delaware City Marina. Tied to the dock on starboard and using the current and long lines we flipped the boat so we were tied on port side for an easy departure. We walked around town – Delaware City is somewhat depressed but they have a nice park near the water. Cost for stay was $87.20. The dockmaster had a captains’ meeting at 1700 hrs to discuss currents, weather and waves           on the Delaware River.  We were advised to leave early in the morning to catch the current running down river.
We left at 0630 and had an uneventful, easy sail down the Delaware. When we hit the lower Chesapeake there were standing waves where the currents from the ocean and the river met.  We couldn’t use the Cape May Canal because the tide was too high for Dutchess to clear the bridges on the canal. We motored around Cape May Point and into Cape May Inlet where we docked at Utch’s Marina. Cost was $176 for dockage (2 nights) and $114.95 for 50 gallons of diesel. The marina was being dredged and it was turned into a rough construction site rather than an upscale marina. The restroom facilities were well-maintained however. We dined twice at the Lobster House – once in the luncheonette and also in the diningroom.  We took a cab to the pedestrian walking mall for shopping, made our way to the beach, and enjoyed seeing the Victorian homes.  Cape May is beautiful and very well kept – blooming flowers in all the yards – no litter or debris anywhere.
Walking the beach.
On April 22, we left for Atlantic City by traveling about 3 mi offshore in the Atlantic for 40 nautical miles.  There were 20+ knot winds on the nose which made for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! We were bouncing and rocking and rolling all the way – even the Skipper was sick!  We docked in front of the Golden Nugget Casino at the Farley State Marina (formerly belonging to The Donald). The cost here is $1.80/ft with the AGLCA discount.  We had planned to stay just one night but conditions off-shore are keeping us here a few extra days (and we don’t even like to gamble!).
Casinos at night.

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